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Glest: RTS Portable Game

War Craft is a game with the type of RTS (Real Time Strategy), which has millions of fans. This game requires you to make the troops used to attack the enemy. There is a simple portable game with a similar model of War Craft, namely Glest

Glest is a completely free time strategy game engine to produce real and strategy games. In the game Glest, you make good soldiers Tech type it (warriors and mechanical devices), or type of Magic (Witch and being summoned) and use them in battle against your enemies. Glest uses OpenGL for the 3D effect and a free game is fully customizable using XML and a set of tools.

For those curious to play Glest Portable games on your computer, you can download free games of Glest Portable with a size of 113 MB. by Follow the instructions below:
  • Before downloading, you must read the terms of service.
  • Download this script (click here) and run it. Make Glest Portable A folder is created
  • Download the glest_3.2.2.exe (click here) and move it to the Make Glest Portable folderRun MakePortable.bat from the Make Glest Portable folder and follow the onscreen instructions
  • Click glest.exe from the Glest Portable folder on your USB device to run the program
  • Enjoy the game

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